GovTech Africa

GovTech Africa is a platform designed to connect technology innovators with GovTech solutions particularly in Africa to government agencies.

GovTech Africa is the vehicle that supports governments in Africa to readily find suitable GovTech solutions to meet the needs in areas such as Health, Education, Access to Finance, Food Security, Infrastructure, Mobility, Security of Citizens, Big Data etc…

Creating an enabling environment that encourages the adoption and implementation of digital by governments solutions across Africa

To be Africa’s premier platform that brings government and African tech innovators and solution providers together.

The World Bank defines GovTech as “a whole-of-government approach to digitization that promotes simple, accessible, and efficient government. It aims to promote the use of technology to transform the public sector, improve service delivery to citizens and businesses, and increase efficiency, transparency and accountability.

GovTech is a pillar of the Digital Economy Framework, providing necessary technology to foster economic growth, reduce poverty, and boost shared prosperity.”

  • Creating an enabling platform that drives young entrepreneurs and startups to offer solutions that will be beneficial to public servants and the general citizenry
  • Promoting innovation and sustaining the growth of startup businesses through public programmes and initiatives
  • Use of external solutions from startups or corporations to improve delivery of public services
  • Intrapreneurship (initiatives led by the government to increase efficiency)
  • Creating innovative solutions to problems faced by government
    Increasing citizen participation in public policy making
  • Supporting fast, smart and efficient delivery of public services
GovTech Africa helps government agencies across Africa embrace innovation and work together with startups to deliver better, more efficient public services to their citizens.

We provide the platform enables the dissemination of latest insights on news, developments and trends in the African Sub Region, and offer training and consulting for public servants, as well as for tech enterprises servicing the public sector.

Our overarching aim is to facilitate the incorporation of new technologies into government processes and to grow the GovTech startup ecosystem in the subregion, with a focus on fields including Smart Cities, digital transformation, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), social innovation, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

If you are a GovTech startup or a public servant, contact us or join the GovTech community to find out more about how we can help you revolutionise the public sector.
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